Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello from West Oak Lane

I was blessed with a visit from my sister's son, Christian.

Christian is 12 11/12 years old. Just about a teenager.

He was an interesting mix of mumbling, excitement over Lady Gaga, sullking over everything else, fear of everything, and over-whelming confidence with anything computer related.

I love my German husband but it was nice to talk about minutiae related to Philadelphia, American television, assorted family members, and pop music.

Since he was about six, Christian has been a great travel companion. We hung out in New York and did Disney World. Over three weeks, we hit Kiel, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Copenhagen. We rode long-distance trains, commuter trains, buses and subways in each city. It was easy and enlightening.

Christian's reflection in a photo from Brasilia at the Kiel Art Museum.

Jan, the elder son of Asmus' brother, and Christian climb Roman ruins in central Frankfurt.

Of course, the American had an affinity for castles. He took a ridiculous amount of pictures of royal chambers in Denmark. We took a train to the tip of the Scandinavian nation to see the model for Hamlet's home. It was my second tour of Kronborg but I still enjoyed the trip. I think I could live in Copenhagen. The people are friendly, lots of American television, great shopping, and cool water views.

I hope his eyes were opened to how the world is a bigger place than in some respects and a smaller place in others.